If your license was revoked in Michigan or you are unable to get a license in another state because Michigan has a "hold" on your license, a license restoration lawyer may be able to help you get it back.

Attorney Zachary R. Glaza can discuss the license restoration process with you, review your driving record, and develop a game plan to get your driving privileges restored.

There are a lot of attorneys in Michigan that offer license restoration services, but many of these attorneys only file a couple of license appeals per year, so they are not familiar with the nuances of the process. You need a license restoration attorney that knows the process in and out.

Luckily, there are several Michigan attorneys that have a strong expertise in license restoration, but most of them have a similar problem-you pay them thousands of dollars for their expertise, but your case is handled by non-attorney support staff. Staff members handle your intake, they prepare your paperwork, and they file your appeal. Worst of all, when it comes time for your hearing, the attorney you hired pays another attorney a couple hundred bucks to cover for them. Attorney Zack Glaza believes you deserve better and should get what you pay for!

Attorney Zack Glaza is experienced in every facet of the process, and he has won appeals from every hearing officer, so he knows what it takes to win no matter which hearing officer you get. Attorney Glaza will prepare and file your appeal documentation, and make sure you are ready to answer any question at the appeal hearing.

Guarantee: Glaza Law guarantees that you will win your appeal or we promise to represent you before the Michigan Secretary of State until you do-for no additional attorney fee!